Using Azure Key Vault references (preview) with Azure Functions or App Service

TL;DR: If you are already familiar with Azure Key Vault, App Service/Functions and just want to know how to use the new Key Vault references feature in your app, you can just jump to this section: Create a system-assigned identity for our Function and follow from there. ASP.NET Core + Configuration By now, it's not big news that ASP.NET Core is the future of web development with [Read More]

Encapsulating getting access tokens from IdentityServer with a typed HttpClient and MessageHandler

Recently, I had to interact with an external API which is protected by JWT Bearer Tokens. For this, I had to get an access_token first and then set it to each request. But, this can get quite tedious very soon even if you just do it a few times. In the end, I wanted an implementation that encapsulated the need for developers to worry about getting access tokens prior [Read More]

Configuring a build pipeline on Azure DevOps for an ASP.NET Core API

There's no doubt that Cloud development is becoming more and more popular and for many, the de facto way of building, deploying and hosting apps on the web. But many of us still work on our day jobs in a cloud-less environment due to reasons that are not relevant to this post. Fortunately, that's not an excuse to not get familiar with cloud development and take advantage of all the [Read More]

Syncing database data with PowerShell and SQL Data Compare

The database team at my current job had successfully integrated the databases into source control using Redgate SQL Source Control. Developers now have a local instance of the databases linked to Source Control and for them to add or change things it's a breeze. The "adding databases into source control" statement is comprised of basically adding all the objects to source control. E.g. Tables, Views, Procedures and [Read More]

Setting up Windows Subsystem for Linux with zsh + oh-my-zsh + ConEmu

The era of .NET developers being constrained on using only Windows as a platform is gone. (At least for ASP.NET). That might be very cool to some, but also scary for others. Fear of change is true. Nevertheless, it's definitely time (if not yet) to get out of the comfort zone and get your feet wet. Being able to work with .NET on Linux/Mac is one of the [Read More]